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About Bali Djaka

Professional Wrestling has gone to the undead!!

Bali Djaka is a demon!!  Better recognized as a member of the
vampire clan, but actually, far older than that, Bali Djaka has
conquered many things in his long and restless death. This time,
his sights are set on the world of professional wrestling. There is no doubt that he WILL accomplish this!  He stands 6 feet 8 inches and weighs just over 300 pounds! Combine that with the wisdom and power of centuries and what we have now, standing on the brink of the world of professional wrestling, is a force to be reckoned with -
but can you reckon with this deadly adversary?  Add to this
equation an equally powerful tag-team partner, Vladimir
VamPyre, and you are faced with only 2 choices -- take your chances one-on-one or hope that another mere human may be enough
to take down these 2 monsters.
Whatever you choose, better bring a stake anyway --


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