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Match History

This is broken into 3 sections --
Vladimir VamPyre
& Bali Djaka
& as a tag team

Tag-Team Matches

July 18, 1998 -- Trans-World Wrestling Alliance, Frackville PA
Vladimir VamPyre & Bali Djaka vs. The Intimidators
This match was the only tag-team match on the card and it was all that was needed!
The match never really started as a vicious brawl erupted that went all over the armory!
At one point, Maxx Crimson pinned Bali Djaka to the stage area with a flagpole!
It sure wasn't long before Vladimir VamPyre broke several chairs over the heads
of Mean Mark Mest and Crimson and had several chairs broken over his own head!
The match ended when Vladimir was removed from the ring in a stretcher
by the Frackville EMS!

Bali Djaka

July 10, 1998 -- WorldStar Wrestling Federation, Hazelton PA
Bali Djaka vs. Lucifer Grimm
Bali Djaka was injured during a vicious DDT and lost to Lucifer Grimm.
April 9, 1999 -- Trans World Wrestling Federation South Philadelphia PA
Bali Djaka lost in both a Battle Royal and a 6-man tag.
Vladimir VamPyre