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Independent Wrestling
 Federations WebRing
  This WebRing is dedicated to the small independent federations that run all across the country -- sometimes to as few as 50
                people and sometimes to as many as 500+. It's also
       dedicated to the wrestlers in those organizations that work their butts off travelling to different states for only a few
              bucks or sometimes no money at all. Just to be seen --
 just to be in the ring. Not just any site will be allowed in this ring -- this is for the indies only and the reason is because we want the exposure for them. I know how hard it is and I've already busted my butt to get everone gear discounts and I'm not stopping there. But these are group discounts and you have to be part of the ring to get them. We do hope you enjoy your trip through our ring!
      If you'd like to see sites in the ring click here!
      If you'd like to join the WebRing  click here!
        Once you fill out the form, you're exact code will be sent to you immediately and you just cut and paste. I'm working on graphical links as well. When you've pasted this code in
               email me at  and let me know.
   I'll then send you confirmation of your status.And if you need any help with this, I am always available to help you.